Tell Congress to Stop Taxpayer Funding of Palestinian Terrorism Against Israel!  Enact the Taylor Force Act!

It It is outrageous that our taxpayer "aid" to the Palestinian people is funding terrorism against Israel! Almost half of our "aid" funds the Palestinian Authority's "Pay to Slay" policy!

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has now voted to PASS the Taylor Force Act. The legislation restricts U.S. economic aid to the West Bank and Gaza until the Palestinian Authority stops paying terrorists guilty of violence against Israelis and Americans.

Senator Lindsey Graham, the bill's sponsor, said: "These rewards for terrorist attacks are inconsistent with American values. They are inconsistent with decency. And they are certainly inconsistent with peace. Simply put, you can't be a partner in peace when you are paying people to commit acts of terror."

Committee Chairman Bob Corker said of the bill: "This legislation will force the Palestinian Authority to make a choice: either face the consequences of stoking violence or end this detestable practice immediately."

The Palestinian's "Pay to Slay" policy must come to an end! The House Foreign Relations Committee is also reviewing the Taylor Force Act (H.R. 1164).

We join together in calling for state-sponsored terrorism to be defunded and declare our support for Israel!

Your petition will be delivered to members of Congress urging them to pass the Taylor Force Act and to cease all taxpayer dollars assisting in the funding of terrorism!

The Petition States:

I join with many other pro-Israel Americans in calling for the passage of the Taylor Force Act. The Palestinians must be held accountable for their egregious law that authorizes payments to individuals and their families who commit acts of terrorism against American and Israeli citizens. Economic aid must cease unless the Palestinian Authority stops its outrageous practice of rewarding terrorists and their families with financial aid. No more bonuses for butchery!

The greatest threat to "peace" in Israel is the all-consuming goal of these radical Islamists to eliminate the tiny nation. Their acts of aggression must be stopped!

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