Send faxes now to end taxpayer funding of Palestinian "Pay to Kill" terrorist program!

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has voted to PASS the Taylor Force Act. Now that the bill has bipartisan support, it's time for the full Senate to do the same!

In appreciation of your gift of $20, Christian in Defense of Israel's Fax Barrage system will immediately deliver your faxes to your two senators, your representative, bill sponsors, as well as Republican members of the Senate. (up to 18 faxes in all).

Other options for an even greater impact are also available.

Simply complete the form below to schedule your pre-written faxes! If you prefer to send your own faxes, click here for all the contact information.

NOTE: Your faxes will begin immediately! Please schedule your faxes today and take part in this crucially important Fax Barrage calling for Congress to take immediate action to stop your tax dollars from being used to reward Palestinian terrorism. .

Fax your two senators, your representative, Republican and Democrat bill sponsors, and additional Republican members of the Senate. (18 total)

(Greater Impact - Better Value!) Fax all of the above, plus additional members of the Senate. (46 total)

(Best Value and Most Impact) Fax all of the Senate (up to 100 total).

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