Tell the State Department to SUSPEND ALL TAXPAYER FUNDING of the Palestinians!

In spite of the passage and signing into law of the Taylor Force Act, American aid is still going to the Palestinian Authority (PA). Even though the new law bans "pay for slay" compensation, the PA openly hands out salaries and subsidies to terrorists and their families.

And the U.S. State Department, to date, has not enforced the new law. It is now in violation of the terms of the Taylor Force Act, having failed within the specified time to certify to Congress that the PA:

  • Is taking "credible steps to end acts of violence" against Israelis and Americans
  • "Has terminated payments for acts of terrorism" against Israelis and Americans
  • Has "revoked any law, decree, regulation, or document" authorizing pay to slay payments
  • Is "publicly condemning such acts of violence and are taking steps to investigate" them

We join together in calling for the U.S. State Department to FULLY DEFUND the Palestinians until there is a verifiable cessation of payments to terrorists!

The Christians in Defense of Israel Petition States:

I join with many other pro-Israel Americans in calling for the United States Government to FULLY DEFUND the Palestinians until there is actual accountability, a verifiable cessation of payments to terrorists, and the Palestinian Authority agrees to condemn Palestinian terror attacks against Israelis!

The greatest threat to "peace" in Israel is the all-consuming goal of these radical Islamists to eliminate the one Jewish nation in the world—the tiny land of Israel. Palestinian acts of aggression must be stopped!

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